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Frequently Asked Questions FOR VENDORS

CALLING ALL VENDORS! You can sign up for a space on the day you would like to sell. Simply come to Empire State Market between 6–7 AM on Sunday. The cost is just $100 per day for a 25′ x 18′ space (for a car or van; call (973) 789-1106 if you have a box truck).[/su_box]

If you do NOT find the answer to your question, please call Bob Brumale at (973) 789-1106 or email


Q. How do I become a vendor at the Empire State Market?
  1. You MUST have a New York Sales Tax Certificate. You may NOT work until you get the physical document in the mail or a temporary one online. For mailing you may download the form by clicking this link: Application for a Sales Tax Certificate of Authority
  2. Get your merchandise approved. New Vendors are not guaranteed admission. New vendors who misrepresent their offerings will not be booked again. Counterfeit merchandise is forbidden.



Q. How do I ask for a space?
A. We need to know your name and the size of the space needed. If you are a brand new vendor, also include a short description of your merchandise. If you leave a voice mail, PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER
Q. I liked the space I had last time. Can I get it again?
A. Maybe. If it was a space that has no permanent vendor attached to it, you probably will be able to get it. Just mention the location in your message to us or say ‘the same as last time’.
Q. Is there a contract I have to sign? Do I have to work a certain number of weeks?
A. There is no contract to sign — simply a data sheet so that we can get your information entered into the computer system. You may work as little as one day or every market day — you decide how often you want to work.
Q. What are the space sizes and costs?
  1. Minimum space size is 25′ wide x 18′ deep, approximately 3 parking lot spaces. This allows for vehicle and merchandise in the same space. Multiple spaces are also available.
  2. New merchandise daily rates are $100 per space*. New merchandise monthly rates are $75 per event day.
  3. Used merchandise and antiques daily rates are $100 per space*. Used monthly rates are $65 per event day.
  4. Food vendors should call Bob Brumale at (973) 789-1106 for rates.



Q. What are the times for set-up?
A. Sunday market monthly vendors may start set up at 6 AM.
Q. When do I have to be out of the market?
A. Sunday market vendors must be off the premises by 5:30 PM.


Q. Why do I need a sales tax certificate?
A. You need one because you will be vending on New York State owned property. It is required by the State of New York.
Q. I sell items that aren’t taxable — why do I need the certificate?
A. Everyone selling at the Empire State Market needs the certificate — you will also need to send in the reports on a schedule dictated by the NY Division of Taxation even if you are not obligated to charge sales tax. You will file a $00.00 return.
Q. I have an EIN number — isn’t that the same?
A. No, it is a number given to you by the federal government. It has nothing to do with the collection of sales tax in NY.
Q. What is the code number that I need for the application?
A. The 6-digit NIC code that you need (which is asked for on the second page of the application) is 454390.
Q. My sales tax certificate is from another state. Can I use that?
A. No, you must have a sales tax certificate from the State of New York.
Q. How do I charge sales tax?
A. We recommend that you include it in the price of your items. Many customers do not realize that vendors must charge tax and it may be too difficult to explain. Just include it in the price and net it out – remember to keep a simple journal of your sales for this reason.


Q. Do you rent tents, canopies, or tables?
A. No, vendors provide their own. If vendors bring tents and canopies, they must provide liability insurance.
Q. Do you rent garment racks?
A. No, these are not available nor are shelves or tablecloths.


Q. Why was I told I could not sell x, y, or z?
A. There could be several reasons for a rejection. First, some other vendor may be selling the same thing. For example, two people selling Timex watches would be one vendor too many. Or it could be that the market already has more than enough in a particular category such as costume jewelry or handbags. Items that skirt illegality must be rejected…remixes of copyrighted materials for example.
Q. What should I be selling?
A. While we cannot tell you what to sell without jeopardizing our good name and your finances, we are happy to tell you if something has not been successful in the past. And, of course, we will tell you what you cannot sell (see question above).
Q. I want to sell items that are different from what I sell now. Is that possible?
A. Yes! You may sell other items provided they are not in one of the categories closed to new vendors. You need to get the new items approved by us before you can sell them at the market…please do this before buying and/or making your inventory decisions.
Q. Can I get some of my items featured on the web site?
A. Yes! We encourage vendors to take advantage of this tool. It is as simple as sending us some photos (small JPG files, please) via email. Be sure to include a blurb about your stuff and a link to your web site if you have one. We usually get your items on our site within two or three days.


Q. How do I pay Empire State Market?
A. You pay us only at the market on the day you work. Payment for new vendors should be in cash or money orders. After the first time, we will accept a check for the rent; we also accept credit cards.
Q. Should I take personal checks from shoppers?
A. That is up to you. If you have been doing business with someone over the course of a few weeks or months, you might consider it. Be sure to get identification. The market is not responsible for bounced checks. Fees can be high so be prudent.


Q. Is there any advertising for the market?
A. Empire State Market has placed ads in local newspapers and magazines. Cable TV commercials will also air along with other media (including social media). Advertising will run throughout the year targeting locals and tourists alike.
Q. What else do you do to promote the market?
A. Empire State Market is exploring bringing bus groups to the market.


Please observe NYCB Live, Home of the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum’s pet policy: No animal with the exception of a service animal is permitted.